Leaders & Volunteers


An example of a Young Play Leader

Sports Crew

Leadership training for KS2 pupils that supports them working with younger children. We teach them leadership skills through games and running Level 1 competitions in thier schools.

  • Encourages pupils to take responsibility and develop leadership skills
  • Develops personal responsibility, self-organisation, confidence and self esteem
  • Promotes integration between younger and older pupils to improve social inclusion across the school community
  • Reduces bullying and inappropriate behaviour
  • Encourages co-operation and develops moral, social and psychological skills within the community

An example of the Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Students work together, building new friendships and creating imaginative ideas to further their own leadership skills and enhance other students' experience of sport and PE.

  • Coaching of sports such as Handball, New Age Kurling, Athletics and Tri Golf
  • Developing Team Manager Skills to help organise teams
  • Enhanced Officiating skills to enable you to officiate higher level competitions
  • Plan and deliver all aspects of a sports competition for a number for a number of teams
  • Learn how to deliver Paralympics (inclusive) sport to young people with disabilities

An example of a Young Ambassador

Young Ambassadors

Elite leadership programme which involves working with local communities championing sport and the values of the Olympic and Paralympic games as well as mentoring new Young Ambassador members.

  • Increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their school
  • Promote the positive values of sport in and through sport
  • Be an ambassador and role model advocating PE and school sport
  • Be the young people's voice on PE and school sport in their schools and communities


Mid Sussex Active are always on the look-out for volunteers to come and help get more children playing more sport.

  • Leading activity and Coaching
  • Helping to run competitions
  • Supporting us in planning events
  • Website updating