Professional Development

We offer a wide variety of courses to support staff, coaches and even parent volunteers to teach and promote PE and sport in our schools. These CPD opportunities are available to both our own affiliated schools and any staff, coaches or parents from schools and organisations external to Mid Sussex Active. If you would like to know more about our CPD opportunities and the packages we offer to schools external to Mid Sussex Active, please contact Caroline Stafford, at

     Primary Courses

  • Subject Leader courses - these deal with topics relating to the management of PE in Primary schools, such as assessment, changes in the National Curriculum, managing the Sport Premium, Ofsted, Developing Outstanding lessons etc.  
  • First Step courses - these courses are aimed at primary teachers who have qualified recently, but would like additional training in the basics of teaching PE.  They are also excellent courses for those teachers who would like a ‘refresher’ in teaching these areas. There is a series of courses including safe teaching, gymnastics, dance, games (Invasion, Net and Striking & Fielding) and athletics.
  • Subject Specific courses - these target those wanting to increase and extend their knowledge in various areas of PE. They include Physical Literacy for KS1, Dance, Gym, Athletics, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities etc.
  • Sport Specific courses - these are short afternoon or twilight courses on specific sports.  These courses are aimed at giving teachers the opportunity to participate in the sport and gain a greater understanding of teaching it, the rules and how to officiate.  They are designed as a confidence booster for staff.

Key benefits

    • Delivered by expert staff
    • Lots of knowledge imparted, together with appropriate resources
    • Excellent feedback from courses, demonstrating impact in the classroom
    • Often FREE to Full and Associate members (subject to limits agreed in their SLA)
    • Relevant and up to date content

Secondary Courses

  • Subject specific courses delivered according to local need

Key benefits

    1. Relevant content
    2. Delivered locally by high quality tutors
    3. Courses such as 'Including all young poeple' available to ensure inclusive practice in KS2 and 3 contexts
    4. Good opportunties to network with pther local schools
    5. Introduces new sports such as Street Golf, Tchoukball etc

Course Dates

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