Welcome to Mid Sussex Active

Mid Sussex Active supports their network of primary and secondary schools to provide their pupils with greater opportunities to participate and compete in high quality PE and Sport. This is achieved through a comprehensive events calendar, professional development and established leadership pathway resulting in the development of a volunteer workforce.

Teachers Trained

MSA organise a wide ranging programme of school competitions, both as an organisation itself, and in support of the local School Sports Associations. These compeititons range from Intra and Inter school at both primary and secondary school level.

All competitions are inclusive, covering everything from Key Stage 1 festivals of sport, through to sport specific events in at least 22 different sports. There are also competitions for children with disabilities and special educational needs.

Leaders & Volunteers

There is an extensive sports leadership programme for young people and adults across Mid Sussex.

Primary –
Little Leaders (KS1)
Young Play Leaders and Sports Crew (KS2)

Secondary –
Sports Leaders courses to develop their leadership skills (KS3)
Students then get the opportunity to apply for membership of the Leadership Academy and the Young Ambassador’s programme (KS4)

Professional Development

As part of its role in supporting schools, MSA co-ordinate a comprehensive range of professional development opportunities for PE Coordinators, school teachers, coaches and sports leaders & volunteers.

Courses range from assessment, implementing the new national curriculum, special training for Newly Qualified Teachers to coaching and officiating qualifications.

Inclusive Sport

MSA works hard to provide inclusive opportunities for young people, both in competitions and leadership.
We now organise many levels of competition, with a variety of ‘emerging schools’ events this year, aimed at schools who have not done this sport before, or who have B or even C teams wanting to take part.
We also have developed a range of opportunities for young people with disabilities, from the very successful ParaStars club to an inclusive programme of competitions open to all schools.

Community Sport

MSA works closely with a number of local sports clubs, providing support to them to deliver PE in the curriculm, or after school clubs and helping with our extensive competition programme by providing venues, organisers and officials.
We aim to give children a complete pathway from school to community sport by linking exit routes to all of our activities, wherever possible. This also applies to our sports leaders, who we encourage to volunteer with local clubs as well as schools.
Please click here to find a list of local sports clubs in your area.